Purpose of processing personal information

Planfit ,Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Planfit) processes personal information for the following purposes, and is not used for purposes other than the following purposes.

Identification and authentication according to the provision of services to customers, maintenance and management of member qualifications according to the provision of services to customers

Processing and retention period of personal information

① ('Planfit') processes and retains personal information within the period of personal information retention, use period, or personal information retention and usage period according to the laws and regulations when collecting personal information from the information subject.

② The specific personal information processing and retention period is as follows.

Customer registeration and management : Until the use of a service usage contract or the membership registration, but when the bonds and debt relationships remain,

Supply records such as withdrawal of contract and subscription in e-commerce : 5 yrs

Collection of personal information

① Planfit collects personal information through application, handouts, phone, customer center consultation (telephone or e -mail), provision from affiliates, and event applications.

② The company collects and processes the following personal information items.

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③ The Company uses a third-party analysis tool to help measure traffic and use trends for the service. These analysis tools collect information that helps Planfit's services, such as the service page visited by the member, the section of the service, and duration of the service. This analysis information cannot be used to identify certain users, because all users' information is collected and used together.

Use of personal information

① We can use the collected information for the following purpose.